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The main features of Storage

Free service — is a convenient and fast way to share any type of information. After uploading the data to the server, you get an individual link that opens access to the following file type:

  • Any type of content (including videos and photos);
  • Text documents;
  • Zipped folders;
  • Sounds;
  • Large types of information;
  • Business presentations;
  • And much more.

Even if the recipient does not have an account on 4share, he will be able to open the file using the link. Provide access to data from anywhere using any gadget with internet access. Using this service, you can send data without being limited by the file size, as is the case when using email. 4share is the fastest and safest way to share files, regardless of their type and format.

Drag n Drop Sharing One Touch

The 4share service has several features, the most convenient of which is the Drag n Drop Sharing function. The process of sending files is so simple that anyone can use the service. Just drag and drop the files you need into the field provided for this and copy the generated link.

Fast file sharing

4share uses the most modern technologies for the fastest possible exchange of any type of data. Our servers are located in different locations around the world so you can use the service smoothly and with maximum speed. The forwarded files are automatically converted to a format that is comfortable for transfer.

Preview and convert more than 200 files formats

With 4share, you or your partners can view and convert over 200 popular formats. It is the most convenient tool for quickly working with presentations, video data, photo materials, and large text content. Unlock the maximum of unique opportunities for your business or telecommuting with!

The best option for your goals

The 4share service is free for everyone who wants to transfer data for business or personal purposes. We strive to maintain the possibility of free access to the main functions of our service. In addition, you can always take advantage of additional options if the size of your data exceeds the established minimum limit.

You can be sure that your video and photo data will not lose original quality during transfer. We use our capabilities to maintain your privacy and protect the files you transmit as much as possible. If necessary, you can set a password for access to the information you transmit, which only the recipient will know.